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All terminals are remanufactured on the best original parts available on the market. The terminals are installed by our experienced staff in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. In contrast to our competitors all elements of the terminal are changed regardless of their state, in order to maintain the highest quality and standard. We know how important the security and confidence of our terminals is, therefore, each terminal is tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. We offer a one year warranty on our remanufactured caliper. Therefore the warranty is the same as the one given Niven by the manufacturers of the original clips. Our experienced staff is always ready help to your car.

Buying brake calipers is beneficial for your business!

  • Competitive price In comparison to other firms
  • Fast regeneration which makes that your car is immediately ready to go
  • Original terminals are also provided with a one year warranty – just like ours!
  • You contribute environment protection
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